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# Plugin to monitor the queues of a virtual_host in RabbitMQ
# Usage: Link or copy into /etc/munin/node.d/
# Parameters
# env.vhost <AMQ virtual host>
# env.queue_warn <warning queuesize>
# env.queue_crit <critical queuesize>
# Magic markers (optional - only used by munin-config and some
# installation scripts):
#%# family=auto
#%# capabilities=autoconf
# If run with the "autoconf"-parameter, give our opinion on wether we
# should be run on this system or not. This is optinal, and only used by
# munin-config. In the case of this plugin, we should most probably
# always be included.
if [ "$1" = "autoconf" ]; then
echo yes
exit 0
# If run with the "config"-parameter, give out information on how the
# graphs should look.
QUEUES=$(rabbitmqctl list_queues -p $VHOST name | \
grep -v '^Listing' | \
grep -v 'done\.$' | sed -e 's/[.-=]/_/g' )
if [ "$1" = "config" ]; then
# The host name this plugin is for. (Can be overridden to have
# one machine answer for several)
# The title of the graph
echo "graph_title RabbitMQ $VHOST list_queues"
# Arguments to "rrdtool graph". In this case, tell it that the
# lower limit of the graph is '0', and that 1k=1000 (not 1024)
echo 'graph_args --base 1000 -l 0'
# The Y-axis label
echo 'graph_vlabel queue_size'
# We want Cur/Min/Avg/Max unscaled (i.e. 0.42 load instead of
# 420 milliload)
#echo 'graph_scale no'
echo 'graph_category RabbitMQ'
for queue in $QUEUES; do
echo "$queue.label $queue"
echo "$queue.warning $QUEUE_WARN"
echo "$queue.critical $QUEUE_CRIT"
echo "$ Queue size for $queue"
echo 'graph_info Lists how many messages are in each queue.'
# Last, if run with the "config"-parameter, quit here (don't
# display any data)
exit 0
# If not run with any parameters at all (or only unknown ones), do the
# real work - i.e. display the data. Almost always this will be
# "value" subfield for every data field.
rabbitmqctl list_queues -p $VHOST | \
grep -v "^Listing" | grep -v "done.$" | \
perl -nle'($q, $s) = split; $q =~ s/[.-=]/_/g; print("$q.value $s")'
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