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The Goal

Create a website for Anxiety44, the vibe brand and social project, that is able to express the raw creativity and artisic expression of the minds behind the project.

The Approach

Get out of the way, let the artist loose. The client wanted a very minimal and barebones design for the site, showing me ssense for inspiration, but also had a lot of ideas for the type of content they wanted.

I designed a wordpress website, which allows users to create posts and features a front page that is a list of all the posts in chronological order. I stripped out all links and unnecessary information from those posts and taught Anxiety44 how to go about creating posts.

The final product is a site which is completely customizable to the brand's wishes. Leaving to feature the brand's ever changing raw creative vision.

The Process

I worked together with Anxiety44 to clean up the site slightly, making modifications like having the header disappear at the top of the page and smaller font sizes. Working with creatives means understanding the vision they have, it took several weeks to be able to cement that vision - good things take time.


Created as a Freelance Developer