Source code for Foundations of Software Engineering 2018 paper titled "RefiNym: Using Names To Refine Types"
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RefiNym: Using Names to Refine Types

This is the repository for the code of the FSE 2018 paper RefiNym: Using Names to Refine Types. Please cite as

   title={{RefiNym}: Using Names to Refine Types},
   authors={Santanu Kumar Dash and Miltiadis Allamanis and Earl T. Barr},
   booktitle={Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE)},

Running the Tool

The code requires Windows and Visual Studio 2017 to compile.

To extract clusters in a given solution use the CLI:

./SubtypeMiningConsole.exe cluster <PathToSln> <repositoryPath> <githubLink> <OutputJsonFileName> <typeToCluster>

To rewrite a project with the refined types, given a clustering in clusterings.json, run the CLI with:

./SubtypeMiningConsole.exe rewrite <PathToSln> <repositoryPath> <gitHubLink> <SerializedClustersJSON> <typeThasWasRefined>