Functional design for a Node-Webkit based Midi Editor
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#Retro Edit ##Functional Design

####Retro Edit is a concept for a Node Webkit based Midi editor for older hardware synths. It should work as a framework for building HTML and JS editors.

The system should allow new editor GUIs to be written using standard HTML, styled using a custom CSS framework, and a JSON file to describe functionality of the interface. These files would be inside a folder which would be placed in the Retro Edit application's library directory.

In the app a user would select and load in the GUI, select a midi output and be able to edit thier synths.

It would also be interesting to add some randomization functionality, and patch saving.

Let's kill unisyn and Midiquest at last!

This repo has been created to instigate the project, with hopes that there are others out there that might find it a good idea. I'll be adding wireframes and visual design files here. The code (if the project happens) will be in a seperate repo.