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My public dotfiles, lovingly grown over many years, through hours of wasted time.


Run this:

git clone ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles

This will symlink the appropriate files in .dotfiles to your home directory. Everything is configured and tweaked within ~/.dotfiles.


Everything's built around topic areas. If you're adding a new area to your forked dotfiles — say, "Vim" — you can simply add a vim directory and put files in there. Anything with an extension of .symlink will get symlinked without extension into $HOME when you run script/bootstrap.

areas of interest

  • bin/

    • Random scripts I've written and collected
    • youtube-dl - download youtube videos
    • - format JSON
    • - makes GNU find much more useful for most situations
    • - SLOC analyzer
  • vim/ and my .vimrc

    • Reasonably organized, well commented vimrc. Vim is my main IDE, so I'm always tweaking vim.
    • NERDTree - good filesystem browser
    • taglist - essential source code browser
    • fuzzyfinder - similar to textmate's fuzzy file finder, this is a hack of ruby scripts and fuzzyfinder vim plugin. great for finding files!
  • system/

    • .bash_profile should be loaded first, sets up the ENV and PATH
    • .bashrc sets ENV variables and settings, loads other customizations
    • .bash_aliases is shorter scripts and command aliases
    • .bash_machines is shortcuts to all my machines
    • input.rc has some cool hacks for viewing history and setting up the terminal


I copied Zach Holman's dotfiles for the layout and symlink idea.