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v0.6 - WIP

  • OAuth2 support
  • Deprecating OAuth support
  • More internal code re-organization

v0.5 - 2010/12/29

  • Added project to PyPi, moved to real Python project structure
  • Style cleanup, more tests

v0.4 - 2010/08/10

Lot of improvements :

  • Manage special feeds (reading-list, shared, starred, friends...)
  • Manage categories (get all items, mark as read)
  • Manage feeds (get items, unread couts, mark as read, "fetch more")
  • Manage items (get and mark read, star, share)


  • oauth2 not required if you don't use it
  • replacing all xml calls by json ones

v0.3 - 2010/03/07

  • All requests to Google use HTTPS
  • CLeaned up formatting, should mostly meet PEP8
  • Fixed random unicode issues
  • Added licensing

v0.2 - 2009/10/27

  • Moved all get requests to private convenience method
  • Added a few more basic data calls

v0.1 - 2009/10/27

  • Connects to GR and receives auth token correctly.
  • Pulls down subscription list.
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