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An excellent Neovim configuration, which is as powerful as Vscode, is lightning fast ⚡


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Excellent Neovim Configuration

For Linux


Based on the configuration of the Nvim prerelease version, it aims to make an out-of-the-box and full-featured code editor.


  • Fast boot (40ms to complete the boot, the test environment is i5-12500H + 16G DDR5)
  • Customizability (completely transparent configuration, build your own IDE in your own way)
  • Extensibility (customization via various community-driven plugins with many pre-made features)


Clone this repository:

git clone ~/.config

Install dependencies (according to your preferences):

-- if you want to use the system clipboard
$ yay -s xsel

-- if yo want use lazygit in nvim
$ yay -s lazygit

-- if you want have good syntax highlighting in nvim
$ yay -s tree-sitter

-- if you want convenient fuzzy search in nvim
$ yay -s fd sed ripgrep

-- if you want use translation in nvim
$ yay -s translate-shell

-- if you want to put files deleted in nvim into recycle bin
$ yay -s trash-cli

-- if you want to link the mysql in nvim
$ yay -s percona-server-clients

-- if you want use tabnine in nvim
$ yay -s unzip curl

-- if you want preview markdown to browser in nvim
$ yay -s pandoc
$ npm i -g live-server

-- if you want to quickly upload images to the internet and generate markdown links
$ npm i -g picgo

-- if you want to store dd and yy data persistently
$ yay -S sqlite3


Open the settings.lua file to adjust Nvim's configuration functions.

Open the options.lua file and set your personal preferences.

Open the mapping.lua file to set the base keys.

Open the lua/utils/public/icons.lua file to change the icons to your liking.

Open the mason.lua file and add the LSP, DAP, Linter, Formatter and other external tools you need .

If you want to customize the startup configuration of a certain LSP, you should configure it in lua/conf/lsp/server_configurations directory.

If you want to customize the startup configuration of a DAP, you should do this in lua/conf/dap/dap_configurations directory to create configuration files.

You can change anything you don't like, and if you don't know how to change it, you can file an ISSUE.

Some command

- Lazy sync       : Update plugin
- LspInfo         : View LSP server running status
- Mason           : External program management
- MarkdownPreview : Preview markdown file
- TSUpdate all    : Update tree-sitter parser
- StartAutoReload : Start Automatically flush the buffer
- StopAutoReload  : Stop Automatically flush the buffer
- OpenUserSnippetFile    : Open user snippet file from current filetype
- OpenUserSnippetPackage : Open user snippet package.json file
- OpenUserDatabaseFile   : Open user defined database config file


An excellent Neovim configuration, which is as powerful as Vscode, is lightning fast ⚡