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The ALFRED dataset contains 8k+ expert demostrations with 3 or more language annotations each. A trajectory consists of a sequence of expert actions, the corresponding image observations, and language annotations describing segments of the trajectory.


We provide a download script with three options:

1. Lite (93MB): Trajectory JSONs. Images need to be generated with and Resnet feats with

$ cd $ALFRED_ROOT/data
$ sh json

2. Modeling Quickstart (~198GB) - Recommended: Trajectory JSONs and Resnet Features

$ sh json_feat

3. Full Dataset (~410GB) - Trajectory JSONs, Raw Images, PDDL States, Videos, Resnet Features

$ sh full

Alternatively, if prefer to use something other than wget, you can directly use the download links in

File Structure

data/train/task_type-object-movableReceptacle-receptacle-sceneNum/trial_ID/                  (trajectory root)
data/train/task_type-object-movableReceptacle-receptacle-sceneNum/trial_ID/traj_data.json    (trajectory metadata)
data/train/task_type-object-movableReceptacle-receptacle-sceneNum/trial_ID/      (Resnet18 features)
data/train/task_type-object-movableReceptacle-receptacle-sceneNum/trial_ID/problem_x.pddl    (pddl state)
data/train/task_type-object-movableReceptacle-receptacle-sceneNum/trial_ID/video.mp4         (video sequence)
data/train/task_type-object-movableReceptacle-receptacle-sceneNum/trial_ID/raw_images/       (images from trajectory)

JSON Structure

Dictionary sturcture of traj_data.json:

Task Info:

['task_id'] = "trial_00003_T20190312_234237"        (unique trajectory ID)
['task_type'] = "pick_heat_then_place_in_recep"     (one of 7 task types)
['pddl_params'] = {'object_target': "AlarmClock",   (object)
                   'parent_target': "DeskLamp",     (receptacle)
                   'mrecep_target': "",             (movable receptacle)
                   "toggle_target": "",             (toggle object)
                   "object_sliced": false}          (should the object be sliced?)

Scene Info:

['scene'] =  {'floor_plan': "FloorPlan7",           (THOR scene name)
              'scene_num' : 7,                      (THOR scene number)
              'random_seed': 3810970210,            (seed for initializing object placements)
              'init_action' : <API_CMD>,            (called to set the starting position of the agent)
              'object_poses': <LIST_OBJS>,          (initial 6DOF poses of objects in the scene)
              'object_toggles': <LIST_OBJS>}        (initial states of togglable objects)

Language Annotations:

['turk_annotations']['anns'] =  
             [{'task_desc': "Examine a clock using the light of a lamp.",                 (goal instruction) 
               'high_descs': ["Turn to the left and move forward to the window ledge.",   (list of step-by-step instructions)
                              "Pick up the alarm clock on the table", ...],               
               'votes': [1, 1, 1]                                                         (AMTurk languauge quality votes)

Expert Demonstration:

['plan'] = {'high_pddl':
                ["high_idx": 4,                          (high-level subgoal index)
                     {"action": "PutObject",             (discrete high-level action)
                      "args": ["bread", "microwave"],    (discrete params)
                 "planner_action": <PDDL_ACTION> ],      (PDDL action)
                ["high_idx": 1,                          (high-level subgoal index)
                     {"action": "PickupObject",          (discrete low-level action)
                          {"bbox": [180, 346, 332, 421]} (bounding box for interact action)
                           "mask": [0, 0, ... 1, 1]},    (compressed pixel mask for interact action)
                 "api_action": <API_CMD> ],              (THOR API command for replay)


['images'] = [{"low_idx": 0,                    (low-level action index)
               "high_idx": 0,                   (high-level action index)
               "image_name": "000000000.png"}   (image filename)

Extracting Resnet Features

To extract Resnet features from raw image sequences:

$ python models/utils/ --data data/full_2.1.0 --batch 32 --gpu --visual_model resnet18 --filename

This will save files insides each trajectory root folder.

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