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This repository has been archived by the owner on Feb 16, 2020. It is now read-only.

Releases: askmike/gekko


02 Dec 22:33
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Minor stability release.

Minor changes:


25 Oct 09:20
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Minor stability release.

Minor changes:

  • [CORE] make sure to flush the candle batcher, fix #2329 (#2482 - @askmike)
  • [CORE] Add Tulip and Talib Indicator-Results to 'stratUpdate' event (#2483 - @H256)
  • [CORE] Include STDDEV tulip indicator (#2485 - @H256)
  • [GB] fix race condition regarding order cancellation (#2496 - @askmike)
  • [CORE] Bugfix IPC communication regarding CP eol (#2500 - @alexvandervegt)
  • [GB] Added ETC pairs to GDAX (#2501 - @crypto49er)
  • [GB] Kraken stability improvements (#2502, #2536 - @askmike)
  • [DB] Fixes empty client on postgresql plugin (#2504 - @alexvandervegt)
  • [CORE] Add market and strat info to a backtest export (#2509 - @hiyan)
  • [CORE] hotfix: dont close the stream until async indicators are done (#2533 - @askmike)
  • [GB] hotfix: fix minimum doge ordersize on GDAX (#2539 - @askmike)
  • [PLUGIN] Improved pushbullet messaging (#2549 - @RJPGriffin)
  • [DOCS] Added descriptive comments for tulip indicators (#2564 - @botsedge)
  • [UI] Fix to importer dates to UTC (#2566 - @rkingy)
  • [UI] Improve transpiling of shared front/backend code (#2573 - @eusorov)
  • [STRAT] if no strategy.historySize found, than get it from tradingAdvisor (#2548 - @eusorov)
  • [GB] hotfix: Fixed fee calculations for binance exchange (#2578 - @olexiyb)
  • [GB] Add new GDAX markets, update minimal trade sizes & make kraken markets dynamic (#2591, #2597, #2606 - @g1tt)
  • [DOCS] Document current installation situtation & improve folder navigation commands (#2599 - @hiyan)
  • [REPO] Add stale bot to manage issues (#2608 - @askmike)


27 Aug 12:18
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Minor release.

New features:

Minor changes:


10 Aug 14:10
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Minor hotfix release.


26 Jul 01:56
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Minor hotfix release.

Unfortunately a few minor bugs were present in the previous release, this includes fixes for:

More changes:


21 Jul 09:16
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Minor release with bugfixes (the majority related to minor UI nits and exchange stability, mostly Binance):

  • [UI]: Display roundtrip dates in both backtest & live bots (#2292, 3340b0c - @askmike)
  • [DOCS]: Clarify the correct location of UIconfig (in gekko/web/vue/dist) (#2293 - @ACregan)
  • [DOCS]: fix a lot of typos (#2293 - @hiyan)
  • [GB]: hotfix: make sure we always bind exchange methods (#2302 - @askmike)
  • [DOCKER]: don't auto start gekko on docker start (#2304 - @sylvainbaronnet)
  • [CORE]: update sqlite & promisify deps (#2309 - @hilkoc)
  • [GB/BITTREX]: Add Bittrex monitoring for Gekko Broker (#2310 - @askmike)
  • [DB/POSTGRESQL]: improve postgre stability (#2310 - @askmike)
  • [GB]: Improve sticky order error flow (#2324 - @askmike)
  • [GB]: A number of improvements, specifically for binance and concurrent orders (#2330 - @askmike)
  • [GB/LUNA]: Add Luno exchange (#2335 - @hiyan)
  • [GB]: Update BFX & Coinfalcon market importers to new lodash version (#2339 - @askmike)
  • [UI]: Fix non root path UI hosting (#2343 - @askmike)
  • [GB/BINANCE]: Support the new dynamic fee tiers from Binance (#2344 - @askmike)
  • [CORE]: Remove all exchange deps from main Gekko (576c968 - @askmike)
  • [DOCS]: Document new required and optional exchange wrapper methods (32a1880 - @askmike)
  • [DOCS]: Update rasppi docs for required Gekko Broker installation (941b3de - @askmike)


08 Jul 17:13
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Minor release with bugfixes:


05 Jul 08:37
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Minor release, initial bugfixes after the 0.6.0 release.



04 Jul 10:47
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Major Gekko upgrade!

Major changes:

  • exchange integration has been updated to Gekko Broker:
    • only a few exchanges supported right now (GDAX, Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Kraken & Coinfalcon)
    • live trading stability greatly improved
  • updated gekko event system:
    • better event pipeline, read more here
    • more events, better documented
    • native gekko events are now relayed via the websocket server
  • [UI] dedicated Gekko Manager:
    • allows for stopping, archiving and deleting of running Gekko instances
    • more visibility from the UI as to the current state of a gekko
      • messages show whether it is running
      • messages show whether it is warming up

Breaking APIs:

Gekko has multiple APIs:

  • config files:
    • the UIconfig file has now moved to gekko/web/vue/public/UIconfig.js gekko/web/vue/dist/UIconfig.js. (see #2273 (comment))
  • strategy API: unchanged
  • sqlite SQL API: unchanged
  • server API (http/ws):
    • now fully documented, see here
    • new endpoints for stopping/deleting gekkos
    • backtest now uses a plugin to manage output data called backtestResultExporter.
    • the websocket now relays native gekko events, see here
  • exchange wrapper API, Gekko Broker requires a few minor changes to wrapper files, most notably:
    • file nesting is different, importing files outside gekko broker (gekko/exchange dir) is not allowed anymore
    • error handling is a lot more robust, however implementing properly requires a few response handle functions in the wrapper
    • cancelOrder: the callback needs to be passed err as well as filled and optionally more data regarding partial fills
    • checkOrder: the callback needs to be passed on object describing partial fills & order rejection

Complete changelog:

A complete list of commits can be found in #2216.


21 Mar 11:54
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Minor update with some small fixes: