Lucene-based service for the knowledge base used by Platypus
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Platypus Knowledge Base Lucene Service

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This repository contains a Lucene-based service for the knowledge base used by Platypus.

This knowledge base is currently using Wikidata content.

To see the provided API methods go to


This service depends on Java 8 and some maven dependencies. To run it you should have Java 8 and maven installed on your machine then in the root directory of the project run the commands:

mvn compile
mvn exec:java

The service will run and fill its database with the latest Wikidata dumps.

To see the API documentation (based on Swagger) browse the base URI of your installation.

If you want to create a docker image of the service just run:

mvn clean package docker:build

It creates an image called platypus-kb-lucence with the service listening to port 4567.


The main configuration file is src/main/resources/

The following configuration variables are available:

  • us.askplatyp.kb.lucene.http.uri: the server base URI. By default http://localhost:4567.
  • the directory where Lucene should store its files. By default the relative directory data.
  • directory where to store a dumpfiles directory containing downloaded Wikidata dumps. Default value : user.dir configuration variable.