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This repository provides a version of the SimpleQuestions dataset mapped to Wikidata.


Data is organized in 6 files: annotated_wd_data_{train, valid, test}{_full}.txt . Each file contains one example per line with the following format: subject [tab] property [tab] object [tab] question, with subject, property and object being identifiers of Wikidata items or properties. Rxxx property identifiers encode the inverse property of the Wikidata property Pxxx. For example R19 encodes the properties "born here", i.e. the inverse of P19 ("birth place"). Note that not every translated triple must also exist in Wikidata. Part of the information when moving from Freebase to Wikidata was lost. The files ending with "_answerable" contain only triples that are also in Wikidata.

The mapping code is in the build.ipynb file. The mapping of Freebase topics to Wikidata items is done using the mid_to_qid.tsv file and the one between properties is the one stored on Wikidata. Contributions to these mappings are welcome.

  • annotated_wd_data_train.txt contains 34374 questions converted from the 75910 original questions.

  • annotated_wd_data_test.txt contains 9961 questions converted from the 21687 original questions.

  • annotated_wd_data_valid.txt contains 4867 questions converted from the 10845 original questions.

  • annotated_wd_data_train_answerable.txt contains 14695 questions converted from the 75910 original questions.

  • annotated_wd_data_test_answerable.txt contains 4249 questions converted from the 21687 original questions.

  • annotated_wd_data_valid_answerable.txt contains 2013 questions converted from the 10845 original questions.

You can find the same datasets also in the QALD format in the QALD-format directory.


If you use this dataset please cite:

Question Answering Benchmarks for Wikidata by Diefenbach, Dennis and Tanon, Thomas and Singh, Kamal and Maret, Pierre ISWC 2017


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