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Demo code for various languages and frameworks
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Demo code for various languages and frameworks

Until 2015, I spent my entire career writing code in environments that were not open source, behind various firewalls, set on various non-Internet networks, and devoted to building products that are tailored to clients and projects of specific purposes. None of this code went out the door with me--just like you would not want me to take your proprietary code out the door with me. I could go back and dig out some old code that I have from full stack development (before it had a name) but I no longer have drives for 3.5", 5.25" or Jaz disks. I do not even use optical drives anymore.

I work hard and dedicate myself to my employer and projects. I play hard and dedicate myself to my hobbies and family. Since I have a life outside of code, I have not spent my free time writing code. However, now that I am in the open source world, I have put together this mini repository of demo code that I have written for various purposes, such as tech challenges for interviews, online code practice challenges, or the one non-technical website that I have supported since grad school.

Since I write code in almost any language, it was tough to pick items that perhaps show my best code in any particular area. However, all of the code here was written by me for the purpose indicated in each area. Most of these were written for viewing within my personal website, so I stripped out the CSS and other formatting to make them viewable within GitHub.

Keep Calm and Code On! visit me at

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