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jQuery Quiz

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jQuery Quiz screenshot

User experience requirements

  • The starting screen should have a button that users can click to start the quiz.

  • Users should be prompted through a series of at least 5 multiple choice questions that they can answer. -- Users should be asked questions 1 after the other. -- Users should only be prompted with 1 question at a time.

  • Users should not be able to skip questions.

  • Users should also be able to see which question they're on (for instance, "7 out of 10") and their current score ("5 correct, 2 incorrect").

  • Upon submitting an answer, users shoulD: -- receive textual feedback about their answer. If they were incorrect, they should be told the correct answer. -- be moved onto the next question (or interact with an element to move on).

  • Users should be shown their overall score at the end of the quiz. In other words, how many questions they got right out of the total questions asked.

  • Users should be able to start a new quiz.

Technical requirements

Your quiz app must:

  • Render answer choices in a form.

  • Use semantic HTML, along with CSS and jQuery.

  • Follow a11y best practices. -- Refer back to the checkpoints on accessibility and forms for help.

  • Use responsive design.

  • Be fully usable by keyboard (which will be easy enough if you start with a form).

Process requirements

Before you dive into the app, you'll need to:

  • gather content for your app. That means typing up the questions you'll ask and gathering any images or icons you'll need.

  • think about the user experiences outlined above and how your design must make them possible.

  • design your app using HTML wireframes, which are HTML- (and minimal CSS-) only versions of the different screens in your app.

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