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.align 2
.include "include/ascii.i"
.section .text
.global parser
.global checktypes
| parse the command string in a0, filling out a1 with the command name and
| chain of types will be in a2, with chains of values in a3.
| current types are 1=byte, 2=word, 3=long
| types are always words, values are always longs-guaranteed to be
| zero-paddeed. the end type will be 0.
| on exit, a1, a2 and a3 will point back at the start of the output buffers and a0
| will point at the end of the input string.
| on exit, d0 holds the count of found elements: 0 (error), 1 (command only)
| or >1 (command and params). zero will be set on error.
parser: movem.l %d1-%d2/%a1-%a3,-(%sp)
moveq.l #1,%d2 | assume at least command
1: move.b (%a0)+,%d0 | get the current char
beq noparams | done?
cmpi.b #ASC_SP,%d0 | space?
beq 2f | hop over copy
move.b %d0,(%a1)+ | copy this char
bra 1b | back copying the cmd
noparams: move.b #0,(%a1)+ | add a null for cmd
move.w #0,(%a2)+ | empty arg list
bra parserout | cleanup
2: move.b #0,(%a1)+ | add a null to end of cmd
3: bsr asciitoint | d0 int, d1 size
beq valueerror | problem with this value?
move.w %d1,(%a2)+ | add the type
move.l %d0,(%a3)+ | add the value
addq.b #1,%d2 | data counter
move.b (%a0)+,%d0 | hop over the space
bne 3b | back for more if not null
parserout: move.w #0,(%a2)+ | mark end of the params
move.w %d2,%d0 | set the found data count
4: movem.l (%sp)+,%d1-%d2/%a1-%a3
valueerror: move.w #0,%d0 | mark errored
bra 4b
| check a parameter type list against a commands requirements.
| a0 should have the types that should be checked (the command inputs), and
| a1 should have the commands maximum data size list.
| the top bit in the command maximum is special: if it is set then this is
| the last type is a varag: the rest of the types must all match this one
| if a checked type is of greater size then the commands maximum, the
| valdation will fail and d0 will be 1 on exit, otherwise it will be 0.
| on exit a0 will be restored, allowing the caller to access the arg list.
checktypes: movem.l %a0/%d1,-(%sp)
1: move.w (%a0)+,%d0 | get the inputed type
beq 3f | check other end is null
move.w (%a1),%d1 | read in the req
bclr #15,%d1 | test and clear top bit
bne 6f | skip incremenet of a1
adda.l #2,%a1 | move to next test type
6: cmp.w %d1,%d0 | compare with requirement
bgt 2f | see if a1>a0
bra 1b | back for more
2: moveq.l #1,%d0 | bad
bra 5f | and out
3: move.w (%a1),%d1 | read in requirement
btst #15,%d1 | test high bit
bne 4f | vararg, so good
tst.w (%a1) | at the com max list end?
bne 2b | no, this is bad
4: clr.l %d0 | good
5: movem.l (%sp)+,%a0/%d1
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