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.align 2
.include "include/hardware.i"
.section .text
.global serialinit
.global putstr
.global getstr
serialinit: move.b #0b00010011,MR1B2681 | 8n
move.b #0b00000111,MR2B2681 | one full stop bit
move.b #0b10111011,CSRB2681 | 9600
move.b #0b00000101,CRB2681 | enable rx and tx
putstr: move.w %d0,-(%sp)
1: move.b (%a0)+,%d0 | get the byte to put
beq 2f | end of message, done
bsr putchar | output the char in d0
bra 1b | back for more
2: move.w (%sp)+,%d0
| put the char in d0
putchar: btst.b #2,SRB2681 | busy sending last char?
beq putchar | yes, look again
move.b %d0,THRB2681 | put that byte
| get a str in a0
getstr: move.w %d0,-(%sp)
1: bsr getchar | get a char
bsr putchar | echo it
cmpi.b #0x0a,%d0 | lf?
beq 2f | match, done
cmpi.b #0x0d,%d0 | cr?
beq 2f | match, done
move.b %d0,(%a0)+ | save it to the str
bra 1b | next char
2: move.b #0,(%a0) | add a null
move.w (%sp)+,%d0
| get a char in d0
getchar: btst.b #0,SRB2681 | chars?
beq getchar | no chars yet
move.b RHRB2681,%d0 | get it in d0
| get a char with a two second (ish) timeout, exit zero for got a char
| or non zero for timeout.
getcharwithto: move.w #0xffff,%d0 | get timer
1: sub.w #1,%d0 | dec timer
beq 2f | timeout reached
btst.b #0,SRB2681 | chars?
beq 1b | no chars yet
move.b RHRB2681,%d0 | get it in d0
ori #0x04,%ccr | set zero
2: ori #0xfb,%ccr | clear zero
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