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.align 2
.section .text
.global bytetoascii
.global wordtoascii
.global longtoascii
.global asciitoint
.global strcmp
.global strmatcharray
.global strconcat
.global makecharprint
| convert the byte in d0 to hex, writing it into a0 and advancing it 2
| bytes. d0.w is retained
bytetoascii: move.w %d0,-(%sp) | save d0
lsr.b #4,%d0 | get the left most nybble
cmp.b #10,%d0 | less then 10?
blt 1f | yes, only add to 0
add.b #'a-'0-10,%d0 | add past 'a', but less '0'
1: add.b #'0,%d0 | add '0' too
move.b %d0,(%a0)+ | save the nybble
move.w (%sp),%d0 | get the byte back
and.b #0x0f,%d0 | mask off the left nybble
cmp.b #10,%d0 | less then 10?
blt 2f | yes, only add to 0
add.b #'a-'0-10,%d0 | add past 'a', but less '0'
2: add.b #'0,%d0 | add '0' too
move.b %d0,(%a0)+ | save the nybble
move.b #0,(%a0) | add null but dont advance
move.w (%sp)+,%d0 | get the byte back
| convert the word in d0 to hex, writing it into a0 and advancing it 4
| bytes. d0.w is retained
wordtoascii: move.w %d0,-(%sp)
lsr.w #8,%d0 | high byte at low byte pos
bsr bytetoascii | convert that byte
move.w (%sp),%d0 | get byte back
bsr bytetoascii | convert the low byte
move.w (%sp)+,%d0
| convert the long in d0 to hex, writing it into a0 and advancing it 8
| bytes. d0.l is retained
longtoascii: move.l %d0,-(%sp)
swap %d0 | exchange halves
bsr wordtoascii | convert the high word
move.l (%sp),%d0 | get the low half
bsr wordtoascii | convert the low word
move.l (%sp)+,%d0
| table of number of digits to type, used by the below sub
datatypetable: .byte 0 | 0
.byte 1 | 1
.byte 1 | 2
two: .byte 2 | 3
.byte 2 | 4
.byte 3 | 5
.byte 3 | 6
.byte 3 | 7
.byte 3 | 8
.byte 0 | padding
| convert the string at a0 to a integer. d0 will hold the value, d1 will
| hold the type (1=byte, 2=word, 3=long). on error, d1 will be 0.
| a0 will be moved to the first non printable char. sets zero on error.
asciitoint: movem.l %a1/%d2,-(%sp)
move.l #0,%d0 | set result to zero
move.w #0,%d1 | clear digit counter
bra 3f | branch into loop
1: sub.b #'0,%d2 | subtract '0'
blt 4f | <0? bad
cmp.b #0x09,%d2 | less then or equal to 9?
bls 2f | yes? we are done with this
sub.b #'A'-':,%d2 | subtract diff 'A'-':'
blt 4f | <0? bad
cmp.b #0x10,%d2 | see if it is uppercase
blt 2f | was uppercase
sub.b #'a-'A,%d2 | was lowercase
cmp.b #0x10,%d2 | compare with upper range
bge 4f | >15? bad
2: asl.l #4,%d0 | shift val to next nybble
add.b %d2,%d0 | accumulate number
add.b #1,%d1 | inc digit counter
cmp.b #8,%d1 | too many digits?
bgt 4f | yes? bad
3: move.b (%a0)+,%d2 | get the next character
cmp.b #'!,%d2 | see if it is a nonwsp char
bls 5f | yes? then we are done
bra 1b | back for more digits
4: move.b #0,%d1 | mark 0 digits
5: movea.l #datatypetable,%a1 | get start of table
move.b (%d1.w,%a1),%d1 | translate to type
suba.l #1,%a0 | wind back to space char
movem.l (%sp)+,%d2/%a1
| compare the string at a0 with the string at a1, setting d0 to 0 if they are
| the same. zero will also be set. otherwise d1 will be 1. a0 and a1 are
| preserved, for repeated calling.
strcmp: movem %a0-%a1,-(%sp)
1: move.b (%a0)+,%d0 | read in a1 char
beq 5f | null, still need check a1
cmp.b (%a1)+,%d0 | compare
beq 1b | match, keep checking
2: move.w #1,%d0 | not match
bra 4f | out we go
3: clr.w %d0 | match
4: movem (%sp)+,%a0-%a1
5: tst.b (%a1) | check null on right
bne 2b | not the same
bra 3b | out we go with match
| match the string in a1 to the list of strings at a0.this list is of the
| form str1,user1,str2,usr2,null. usern goes in d0 on exit, or null for
| no matches
strmatcharray: movem.l %a2,-(%sp)
movea.l %a0,%a2 | a2 is used for the list
1: move.l (%a2)+,%d0 | get the test string
beq 2f | end of list?
move.l %d0,%a0 | move to a0 for compare
bsr strcmp | check against cmd
beq 2f | match!
move.l (%a2)+,%d0 | hop over the userdata
bra 1b | check more
2: move.l (%a2)+,%d0 | get the user data/null
movem.l (%sp)+,%a2
| concatenat the string in a1 on the end of the string in a0. on exit,
| a0 will be pointing at the closing null.
strconcat: move.b (%a1)+,(%a0)+ | add one byte to a0
beq 1f | null? out
bra strconcat | concat some more
1: suba.l #1,%a0 | back onto the null
| flattens the byte in d0 to its printable character, ie <20 or >7e becomes
| a dot.
makecharprint: cmp.b #0x20,%d0 | compare with space
blo 1f | lower? must be unprintable
cmp.b #0x7e,%d0 | compare with the end char
bhi 1f | higher? it must be unprintable
rts | if not, leave it alone
1: move.b #'.',%d0 | otherwise flatten it to dot
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