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Welcome to the ba wiki!

Feature requests:

  • Should be able to register as returning attandee without clicking activation link

In order to have my presentation materials ready for the conference
As a speaker
I want to upload presentation materials and attach them to my proposed talk

List of accepted talks:
In order to publish information earlier
As a program coordinator
I want to publish the list of accepted talks without organizing them
into a schedule

Create program with only a few talks scheduled:
In order to highlight the beginner’s tracks
As a program coordinator
I want to show a program where only a few tracks have any talks, even
if more talks have been accepted and are displayed
(Litt dårlig formulert)

Non-published program:
In order to work on the schedule without showing unfinished information to users
As a program coordinator
I want to decide when the changes I’ve made to the program should be published

Mark talk as approved:
In order to quickly decide which talks to accept
As a program coordinator
I want to mark a talk as approved without going to a separate page

Ad-hoc queries:
In order to find new information without having to change the application
As a program coordinator
I want a web based SQL query tool that can access the database
(myphpadmin for eksempel. Jeg har startet å installere denne)