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This is a completely bare-bones Rails app that serves one single purpose:

Test that Cucumber works with Ruby on Rails

Here is how:

# Install gems
sudo gem install webrat rspec rspec-rails
git clone git://
cd cucumber-rails-test

The default task will vendor copies of Rails and Cucumber the first time it is run,
and pull changes after that. If you’d like to start fresh, just delete the vendor/rails
and vendor/plugins/cucumber directories and run rake again.

To Test with a specific version of Rails, e.g. 2.2.2:

# Make sure you have a vendored copy of Rails and Cucumber
rake cucumber_test:update
rake cucumber_test:v2.2.2:test

# Test with Spork:
CUCUMBER_GENERATE_OPTS=--spork rake cucumber_test:v2.2.2:test

If it’s green, everything is OK. If not, you should see red.

To see a list of all available testing tasks, run rake -T cucumber_test

Adding new features

The cucumber_test:* tasks will REVERT ALL LOCAL CHANGES when run. Therefore, if you’re modifying things, I recommend you don’t run this task, but rake features instead. Then MAKE SURE YOU ADD AND COMMIT the files you changed before you run any of the cucumber_test:* tasks again. Make sure you don’t add too much. The files that are generated should not be added to Git.