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Commits on Aug 24, 2012
  1. @wswld
  2. @CheeseWiz


    CheeseWiz committed
  3. @CheeseWiz

    Fixed bug in BP_GPU

    CheeseWiz committed
  4. @taka-no-me

    Merge branch 'android_camera'

    taka-no-me committed
  5. @taka-no-me
  6. @taka-no-me
  7. @taka-no-me
  8. @taka-no-me
  9. @taka-no-me
  10. @taka-no-me
  11. @akapusti
Commits on Aug 23, 2012
  1. @CheeseWiz
  2. @taka-no-me
  3. @jet47

    fixed type for threshold parameter

    jet47 committed
  4. @jet47

    fixed gpu::integral for Kepler

    jet47 committed
  5. @jet47

    gpu version of HoughCircles

    jet47 committed
  6. @CheeseWiz
  7. @CheeseWiz

    possibility to enable /mp compiler flag from cmake

    CheeseWiz committed
    fixed MCVC warnings
  8. @vrabaud

    fix the compile bug

    vrabaud committed
  9. @wswld
  10. @wswld
  11. @cuda-geek

    minor warning fix

    cuda-geek committed
  12. @CheeseWiz

    minor fix in FindTBB

    CheeseWiz committed
    added texture_binder
  13. @AlexeySpizhevoy
Commits on Aug 22, 2012
  1. @LeonidBeynenson

    Removed the header opencv2/photo/denoising.hpp

    LeonidBeynenson committed
    All the functions from it are moved to the header
  2. @znah
  3. @znah

    added -- doc-string ckecking utility

    znah committed
    added some sample description
  4. modified facedetect to properly display very oblong objects and optio…

    Vadim Pisarevsky committed
    …nally flip image horizontally (for profile face detection). Added LBP cascades by Attila Novak for profile face detection and silverware detection (those are results of GSoC 2012)
  5. fixed ios camera timing (patch by Eduard Feicho)

    Vadim Pisarevsky committed
  6. @jet47

    optimized gpu::integral for Kepler

    jet47 committed
  7. @ilya-lavrenov

    parallel version of remap, resize, warpaffine, warpPerspective. Some …

    ilya-lavrenov committed
    …optimization for 2x decimation in resize algorithm
  8. @taka-no-me

    Fix Windows build issues

    taka-no-me committed
    * No /arch:SSE3 in MSVC
    * Warnings fixed or suppressed
Commits on Aug 21, 2012
  1. fixed build on Ubuntu

    Vadim Pisarevsky committed
  2. @taka-no-me
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