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rspec-rails release history (incomplete)

2.0.0.beta.22 / 2010-09-12

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • autotest mapping improvements (Andreas Neuhaus)
  • Bug fixes

    • delegate flunk to assertion delegate

2.0.0.beta.20 / 2010-08-24

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • infer controller and action path_params in view specs
    • more cucumber features (Justin Ko)
    • clean up spec helper (Andre Arko)
    • render views in controller specs if controller class is not ActionController::Base
    • routing specs can access named routes
    • add assign(name, value) to helper specs (Justin Ko)
    • stub_model supports primary keys other than id (Justin Ko)
    • encapsulate Test::Unit and/or MiniTest assertions in a separate object
    • support choice between Webrat/Capybara (Justin Ko)
      • removed hard dependency on Webrat
    • support specs for 'abstract' subclasses of ActionController::Base (Mike Gehard)
    • be_a_new matcher supports args (Justin Ko)
  • Bug fixes

    • support T::U components in mailer and request specs (Brasten Sager)
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