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A Java event based WebSocket and HTTP server
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Webbit - A Java event based WebSocket and HTTP server

Getting it

Prebuilt JARs are available from the central Maven repository.

Alternatively, you can get the latest code from Git and build it yourself:

Build is done with make. On OS-X and Linux this should work out of the box. On Solaris, use gmake. On Windows you will need Cygwing.

git clone git://
cd webbit

Quick start

Start a web server on port 8080 and serve some static files:

WebServer webServer = WebServers.createWebServer(8080)
  .add(new StaticFileHandler("/web")) // path to web content

That was easy.

Now let's build a WebSocketHandler.

public class HelloWebSockets implements WebSocketHandler {

  int connectionCount;

  public void onOpen(WebSocketConnection connection) {
    connection.send("Hello! There are " + connectionCount + " other connections active");

  public void onClose(WebSocketConnection connection) {

  public void onMessage(WebSocketConnection connection, String message) {
    connection.send(message.toUpperCase()); // echo back message in upper case

  public void onMessage(WebSocketConnection connection, byte[] message) {

  public void onPong(WebSocketConnection connection, String message) {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    WebServer webServer = WebServers.createWebServer(8080)
      .add("/hellowebsocket", new HelloWebSockets())
      .add(new StaticFileHandler("/web"))
    System.out.println("Server running at " + webServer.getUri());

And a page that uses the WebSocket (web/index.html)


    <!-- Send text to websocket -->
    <input id="userInput" type="text">
    <button onclick="ws.send(document.getElementById('userInput').value)">Send</button>

    <!-- Results -->
    <div id="message"></div>

      function showMessage(text) {
        document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = text;

      var ws = new WebSocket('ws://' + + '/hellowebsocket');
      ws.onopen = function() { showMessage('Connected!'); };
      ws.onclose = function() { showMessage('Lost connection'); };
      ws.onmessage = function(msg) { showMessage(; };


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