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This is a simple JavaScript library that attempts to implement a subset of the
WebDav standard. It (currently) doesn’t aim to be complete – just support basic

WebDav.js has a low-level API (the WebDav object) and a higher level, more OO API

Both APIs can operate in synchronous and asynchronous mode: All functions that
declare a callback argument accept an optional function. If a callback function is
passed, the HTTP request will happen asynchronously, passing the result to that
function. If no callback function is passed, the result is returned directly after
the synchronous HTTP request.

For each function – “result” refers to either the function’s return value or the
argument passed to the callback function (if any).


This is a very thin wrapper around XMLHttpRequest.


This is probably what you want to use. This object has two functions:

  • WebDav.Fs.dir(url) – returns a Dir object
  • WebDav.Fs.file(url) – returns a File object

Reads the file and passes the contents to the result.

File.write(data, callback)

Writes data to the file.


Deletes the file.


Lists all files and directories under Dir. The result is an Array of other File
and/or Dir objects.


Creates the directory.


Removes the directory.

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