Cosmo++ is a cosmology library containing a mixture of frequently used functionalities.
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Cosmo++ is a numerical library for cosmology. The functionality is described in detail in the paper arXiv:1312.4961. Any published material that uses Cosmo++ should cite that paper. The library implements many features that have been developed by other authors. It is the responsibility of the user to cite all of the relevant papers. Please see the paper arXiv:1312.4961 for some references. It is also the responsibility of the user to cite any papers that are required to be cited for using the publicly available libraries needed for Cosmo++.

Some of the newer functionality of Cosmo++, such as the k-d tree, the learn-as-you-go emulator, and the accelerated Planck likelihood code are described in the paper arXiv:1506.01079. If you are using this functionality please make sure to cite that paper as well.

The library is fully documented using doxygen. Please run “doxygen” in the main directory to generate the documentation in html format.

All of the information, including compiling and installation instructions can be found in the wiki:

Bugs, feature requests, or any other issues should be submitted to

Please email questions and comments to Grigor Aslanyan,

I will appreciate any suggestions for any tools that you would like to see in Cosmo++. If you want to include your own code into Cosmo++, please let me know.