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Twitter client API for Clojure

Access the Twitter API from Clojure.


lein deps
lein jar


(require 'twitter.streaming
     ['oauth.client :as 'oauth])

;; Make a OAuth consumer
(def oauth-consumer (oauth/make-consumer <key>

(def oauth-access-token 
     ;; Look up an access token you've stored away after the user
     ;; authorized a request token and you traded it in for an
     ;; access token.  See clj-oauth ( for an example.)
(def oauth-access-token-secret
     ;; The secret included with the access token)
;; Print the Twitter stream to system outas it is recieved - this is the callback function
(defn write-out [data] (println data))

;; Post to twitter.streaming
(twitter.streaming/with-oauth oauth-consumer 
                    (twitter.streaming/statuses-filter write-out :track "basketball,football,baseball,footy,soccer"))


Development funded by LikeStream LLC (Don Jackson and Shirish Andhare), see

Designed and developed by Matt Revelle of Lightpost Software.

Twitter Streaming API methods added by a sleepy samurai.