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Pencil - A Simple, Distraction Free Markdown Editor

I made Pencil because I needed an ** immersive, distraction free and simple ** environment to write out my ideas, blog posts, notes etc. Most of the 'distraction-free' editors available did not satisfy me. They either had interfaces that got in the way, or had hideous backgrounds, or had color schemes that hurt my eye. To top it off they were impossible to use on my phone or iPad.

So, here's Pencil. Handles the tab key properly, easy to use on any screen size and extremely minimal interface.

Just you, your text and Markdown.


  • Type all you want in edit mode. Markdown is supported.
  • To preview, hit Ctrl/Cmd+P or click/tap to the right of the text. Do it again to get back in edit mode.
  • To save, hit Ctrl/Cmd+S or click/tap to the left of the text. Save the URL you get.
  • To edit your note later, just visit the URL of the note.
  • Append #p to a URL to open it in Preview mode.

Our users are positively gushing about us:

This is super awesome! If only, I had had Pencil before the elections, I might have actually won!

Matt Baloney, 2012 Presidential Contestant

P.S.: Hit F11 for heaven ;)


This code is released under the MIT license. No guarantees are meant or implied. Use at your own risk.

If you are using Pencil in your project, I would be really happy if you could link to this github repo. It's not mandatory, just a request.


This is the setup I'm using to host Pencil. It might or might not work well for you.

  • Nginx serves the static client side files (everything in the client directory).
  • Requests to the server API are proxied via Nginx to nodejs running as an upstream server.
  • The node app requires the 'pg' package. Install using 'npm install pg'.
  • Create a postgres table with schema:
    • id SERIAL PKEY
    • note VARCHAR
  • Run app.js using node.

A (hopefully) quality product from a sleepy samurai


A minimal, distraction-free Markdown editor






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