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Quick and Easy Websocket Testing.
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Socket Wrench

Socket Wrench is a super simple, bare-bones, downloadable, cross platform, desktop GUI application (yes, it's Electron), which makes testing websockets easy. I wrote this to scratch a personal itch, and after having friends and colleagues find it useful, decided to clean it up a bit, make it more user friendly, and released for public use.


  • Multiple connections multiplexed into a single view. Makes it easier to see how one client's messages impact other clients. Multiplexed Connections

  • Complete message history. Makes it easy to review past sessions and re-use previous messages. Message History

  • Independent view, type and sending formats. Allows you to type yaml, send as xml and view it as json. Multiplexed Connections

  • Custom headers for initial HTTP connection. Connection Headers

  • Cross platform, offline, desktop application available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

Interested? Try it out now!

Socket Wrench is currently available in the following distributions:

  • Mac OS X - DMG file. Mount it, copy Socket Wrench to your 'Applications' directory, and it's installed.
  • Windows - Installer Executable. Run the installer, and it'll auto install and launch Socket Wrench once it's done.
  • Linux
    • DEB - Debian Installer Package. Run the installer and it'll open up Software Center (or equivalent for your platform). Follow on-screen instructions to install.
    • RPM - RPM Installer Package. Run the installer and follow on-screen instructions to install.

Issues, Bugs and Discussions

If you happen to find any bugs, or have ideas for a cool feature you want to see in Socket Wrench, hit up the Github issues page.

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