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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="Doctrine2" default="build" basedir=".">
<taskdef classname="phing.tasks.ext.d51PearPkg2Task" name="d51pearpkg2" />
<import file="${project.basedir}/lib/vendor/doctrine-build-common/packaging.xml" />
<property file="" />
Fileset for artifacts shared across all distributed packages.
<fileset id="shared-artifacts" dir=".">
<include name="LICENSE"/>
<include name="COPYRIGHT"/>
<include name="CHANGELOG"/>
Fileset for the sources of the Doctrine Common package.
<fileset id="common-sources" dir="./lib">
<include name="Doctrine/Common/**"/>
Builds Common package, preparing it for distribution.
<target name="copy-files" depends="prepare">
<copy todir="${build.dir}/${}-${version}">
<fileset refid="shared-artifacts"/>
<copy todir="${build.dir}/${}-${version}">
<fileset refid="common-sources"/>
Builds distributable PEAR packages.
<target name="define-pear-package" depends="copy-files">
<d51pearpkg2 baseinstalldir="/" dir="${build.dir}/${}-${version}">
<summary>Doctrine Common PHP Extensions</summary>
<description>The Doctrine Common package contains shared code between the other packages.</description>
<lead user="jwage" name="Jonathan H. Wage" email="" />
<lead user="guilhermeblanco" name="Guilherme Blanco" email="" />
<lead user="romanb" name="Roman Borschel" email="" />
<lead user="beberlei" name="Benjamin Eberlei" email="" />
<version release="${pear.version}" api="${pear.version}" />
<stability release="${pear.stability}" api="${pear.stability}" />
<php minimum_version="5.3.0" />
<pear minimum_version="1.6.0" recommended_version="1.6.1" />
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