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This repository contains data, code, manuscripts and presentation materials related to a project on zone entries in the NHL.
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data folder contains:

  • points dataset containing goal rates from Evolving-Hockey
  • RAPM dataset containing RAPM metrics from Evolving-Hockey

Please note that the proprietary tracking data from Stathletes is not included


code folder contains:

  • data_prep.R script that readies dataset for analysis
  • analysis.R script that contains exploratory data analysis and estimates causal effects due to different zone entries using propensity score matching and BART
  • nhl-rink.R script that contains code to generate the spatial plot included in script above
  • Summary.Rmd script that generates a short summary of the project


This folder contains important causal inference and NHL literature.


This folder contains important figures and results.


This folder contains the poster presented at the 2019 New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports, Boston, MA.

Please see Summary.Rmd file for the code generating this page:

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