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Library for reading & writing the E57 file format (fork of E57RefImpl)
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A library to provide read & write support for the E57 file format.

This is a fork of E57RefImpl v1.1.332. It is primarily for use in the CloudCompare project, but it should work for anyone else who wants to use it.

The original source is from E57RefImpl 1.1.332 and then everything was stripped out except the main implementation for reading and writing E57.

This version also removes the dependency on Boost and requires C++11.

Many, many other changes were made prior to the first release of this fork. See the CHANGELOG and git history for details.

Why Fork?

The E57RefImpl code hasn't been touched in years and I wanted to make changes to compile this library with macOS. Forking it gives me a bit more freedom to update the code and make changes as required.

I changed the name of the project so that it is not confused with the E57RefImpl project.

I have also changed the main include file's name from E57Foundation.h to E57Format.h to make sure there is no inclusion confusion.

Versions of libE57Format start at 2.0.


Ryan Baumann has updated the e57unpack and e57validate tools to work with libE57Format. You can find them in the e57tools repo.


Boost Software License (BSL1.0).

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