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Free and open source dynamic DNS
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Free service shutdown notice

The free service on is no longer available. For more info see this page:

About is the idea of a really simple single purpose dynamic dns service. Unlike other dynamic dns services its intention is that you do not have to click a link every 30 days to keep your domain enabled or other jokes like this.
The basic software was originally developed during DjangoDash 2013 by Arne Schauf, Fabian Faessler and Thomas Waldmann. was a fork after the dash to continue developing and add new features.

Features (Frontend)

  • Dynamic DNS updates via URL with Basic Http-Auth
  • Multiple Hosts for each user
  • Custom comment for each host
  • Manual IP updates via webinterface
  • Show time since last update via api
  • Add own domains (public or only for yourself) - you will need an nsupdate-capable dns-server for that (currently disabled)

Features (Backend)

  • Use of awesome django framework
  • Nameserver updates via RFC2136
  • Nameserver to update configurable via DB for each domain


Feel free to join us via IRC on freenode in channel and follow on twitter @hopper_dyndns


If you haven't already done create and change to a virtualenv for the installation (here with virtualenvwrapper)::


Clone the repo and cd into::

    git clone

Then install the requirements::

    pip install -r requirements.txt

From time to time execute this again to install the newest dependencies.

For production environments I prefer gunicorn with nginx and postgresql as DB.
For the moment please use google for instructions how to set it up.

Install guide for debian thx @RedSunEmpire for contributing!

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