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Joomla to WP Migrated Users Authentication Plugin

  • Contributors: lucky62, asmartin
  • Tested up to: WP 4.7
  • Requires at least: WP 3.X
  • Stable tag: 1.1.0

A plugin to authenticate users migrated from Joomla/Mambo to Wordpress.


  1. extract plugin zip file and load up to your wp-content/plugin directory
  2. Activate Plugin in the Admin => Plugins Menu


Joomla encrypted passwords should be stored in wp_usermeta key joomlapass for this to work. You can import users and populate this field automatically with this tool.

When the user logs in the first time after migration, his/her password is hashed using the Joomla method (either md5:salt or PHPass) and compared with value in joomlapass meta key. If the password is correct, the Wordpress user is updated and the password encrypted to the Wordpress password format and stored in the user_pass field. For all subsequent logins, the user will now be authenticated via the standard Wordpress authentication plugin. At this time, the joomlapass meta key is renamed to joomlapassbak to avoid repeatedly performing this conversion.


plugin is free for any purpose...


  • 19.3.2011 - 1.0.0 - first release
  • 27.3.2011 - 1.0.1 - links correction
  • 01.3.2017 - 1.1.0 - added support for PHPass, tested with Joomla 2.5.x and Wordpress 4.7.x