JavaScript Cryptographic Library with performance in mind.
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JavaScript implementation of popular cryptographic utilities with performance in mind.

Build & Test

Then download and build the stuff:

git clone
cd asmcrypto.js/
npm install

Running tests is always a good idea:

npm test

Congratulations! Now you have your asmcrypto.js ready to use ☺


  • NodeJS 10
  • IE11
  • last two Chrome versions
  • last two Firefox versions and the latest Firefox ESR
  • last two Edge versions
  • last two Safari versions

AsmCrypto 2.0

  • Moved to TypeScript
  • I have no confident knowledge on random generation, so I don't feel right maintaining it. As of 2.0 all custom random generation and seeding code is removed, the underlying browsers and environments have to provide secure random.