A collection of a bunch of my .files
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.config Update PuDB version Jun 15, 2016
.emacs.d Move face settings to the theme Jun 22, 2016
.ipython Fix IPython config for IPython 5 Jul 27, 2016
.jupyter/custom Add Jupyter custom.js to disable auto-closing parentheses Jun 28, 2016
.sympy sympy-bot: don't test Python 2.5 any more Aug 23, 2013
.vim Add some vim and emacs extensions that I think were supposed to be tr… Jan 10, 2012
Library Update Karabiner prefs Jul 27, 2016
bin Add git backups command Dec 1, 2015
other Add ublock origin filters Jan 20, 2016
.aspell.en.pws Update aspell dictionary May 22, 2014
.condarc Revert "Some changes to revert" Jul 27, 2016
.emacs Move face settings to the theme Jun 22, 2016
.gitconfig Enable diff-highlight in pager output Jun 13, 2016
.gitignore Add *~ to .gitignore Dec 15, 2011
.hgrc Update .hgrc Apr 9, 2013
.hunspell_en_US Update spelling dictionary Jul 27, 2016
.inputrc Try to make arrows always do the right thing in .inputrc Jun 7, 2016
.iterm_shell_integration.sh Update iTerm shell integration from version at Apr 25, 2014
.profile Revert "Some changes to revert" Jul 27, 2016
.pythonrc.py Use Jedi completion in python Aug 6, 2013
.vimrc Auto line wrap in .tex files Dec 27, 2011
.xonshrc Clean up xonsh sizeup alias Jul 27, 2016
Cask Revert "Some changes to revert" Jul 27, 2016
IGNORE Add xonsh-blockers.md to IGNORE Apr 11, 2016
LICENSE Add note about StackOverflow in LICENSE Nov 11, 2012
README.md Update README Jan 14, 2014
fink-packages Remove some unnecessary fink packages Jan 22, 2016
gitclones.sh Install xonsh Feb 9, 2016
linkfiles.py Remove unused import from linkfiles.py Feb 8, 2016
uniqpath Move uniqpath to dotfiles Jan 13, 2014
xonsh-blockers.md Add xonsh blocker Jun 3, 2016


These are some of my .files

Files in the root of the directory are symbolically linked to corresponding files in ~/

Note, to symbolically link a file, you must do ln -s ~/Documents/dotfiles/.file ~/.file, i.e., the paths must be absolute paths (use of the ~ shortcut is OK). See http://superuser.com/questions/302312/how-to-properly-store-dotfiles-in- a-centralized-git-repository.

Files in other/ are for various other things.


First, you have to install Anaconda, and Fink, and git (to even get this in the first place).



and then


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