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Tor traffic analyzer
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Padding log analyser for Tor

This project reads log files from a special mod of Tor and outputs graphs and information about circuits and cells.

For this analyser to work you need to patch your Tor with the following commit:
so that it outputs useful informatation about circuits and cells in its logs.

In particular the branch above adds the following logs to Tor:
new-circ: <global-id> <purpose> <is_predicted_circuit>
outgoing-cell: <global_id> <purpose> <command> <state>
incoming-cell: <global_id> <command> <purpose> <state> <length>
You can see for how these lines are parsed.

After you collect a big enough log file, just do this:
$ python3 tbb.log

I also added logs/0404_torbrowser_test.log as a sample log file you can try out.

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