A simple tool written in Ruby to update Dynamic DNS entries on Google Domains
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Google Domains Dynamic DNS Updater

googledomains_dyndns_update is a simple tool written in Ruby to update Dynamic DNS entries on Google Domains. More information on Dynamic DNS pertaining to Google Domains can be found in the following support answer:



The tool can be run by executing googledomains_dyndns_update.rb script from a clone of this repository.


This tool uses a configuration file, located by default in ~/.gddyndns.yaml, to get information on hosts to update. An alternate configuration file can be specified with the -f|--config_file option. Configuration is specified in YAML format with a template as follows:

- host: hostone.com
  username: <google domain hostone username>
  password: <google domain hostone password>
- host: hosttwo.com
  username: <google domain hosttwo username>
  password: <google domain hosttwo password>
- ...

Username and password for this file can be obtained from the Google Domains dashboard as mentioned in the URL above.


To avoid frequent queries to Google Domains, store the status of latest update to a cache file, located by default in ~/.gddyndns.cache. Alternate location may be provided with -c|--cache_file option.

Google Domains is updated only if public IP of the host has changed. An update can, however, be forced with the -u|--force_update option.


Following usage help is available with the --help option:

$ googledomains_dyndns_update.rb --help
Usage: googledomains_dyndns_update.rb [options]
    -d, --debug                      Enable debug messages
    -u, --force_update               Force DNS update
    -f, --config_file FILE           Location of configuration file
    -c, --cache_file FILE            Location of cache file
    -h, --help                       Display this help


This tool is licensed under the MIT License.