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The Servo Parallel Browser Project

Servo is a prototype web browser engine written in the Rust language. It is currently developed on 64bit OS X and 64bit Linux.

Servo welcomes contribution from everyone. See for help getting started.


On OS X (homebrew):

brew install
brew install automake libtool pkg-config

On OS X (MacPorts):

sudo port install autoconf213

On Debian-based Linuxes:

sudo apt-get install autoconf2.13 curl freeglut3-dev libtool \
    libfreetype6-dev libgl1-mesa-dri libglib2.0-dev xorg-dev \
    msttcorefonts gperf g++

On Debian-based Linuxes (cross-compilation for Android):

sudo apt-get install autoconf2.13 curl libtool ia32-libs

And it needs pre-installed Android tools. See wiki for details

Servo builds its own copy of Rust, so there is no need to provide a Rust compiler.


Servo cannot be built in-tree; you must create a directory in which to run configure and make and place the build artifacts.

git clone
cd servo
mkdir -p build && cd build
make && make check
./servo ../src/test/html/about-mozilla.html

###Building for Android target

git clone
cd servo
mkdir -p build && cd build
../configure --target-triples=arm-linux-androideabi --android-cross-path=<Android toolchain path> --android-ndk-path=<Android NDK path> --android-sdk-path=<Android SDK path>


Commandline Arguments

  • -p INTERVAL turns on the profiler and dumps info to the console every INTERVAL seconds
  • -s SIZE sets the tile size for rendering; defaults to 512
  • -z disables all graphical output; useful for running JS / layout tests

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl-L opens a dialog to browse to a new URL (Mac only currently)
  • Ctrl-- zooms out
  • Ctrl-= zooms in
  • Backspace goes backwards in the history
  • Shift-Backspace goes forwards in the history
  • Esc exits servo


There are lots of make targets you can use:

  • make clean - cleans Servo and its dependencies, but not Rust
  • make clean-rust - cleans Rust
  • make clean-servo - only cleans Servo itself (code in src/components
  • make clean-DEP - cleans the dependency DEP. e.g. make clean-rust-opengles
  • make bindings - generate the Rust WebIDL bindings
  • make DEP - builds only the specified dependency. e.g. make rust-opengles
  • make check-DEP - build and run tests for specified dependency

The make check-* targets for running tests are listed here