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Open Science Resources

Scientific data and tools should, as much as possible, be free as in beer and free as in freedom. The vast majority of science today is paid for by taxpayer-funded grants; at the same time, the incredible successes of science are strong evidence for the benefit of collaboration in knowledgable pursuits. Within the scientific academy, sharing of expertise, data, tools, etc. is prolific, but only recently with the rise of the Open Access movement has this sharing come to embrace the public. Even though most research data is never shared, both the public and even scientists in their own fields are often unaware of just much data, tools, and other resources are made freely available for analysis! This list is a small attempt at bringing light to data repositories and computational science tools that are often siloed according to each scientific discipline, in the hopes of spurring along both public and professional contributions to science. These categories are very non-exclusive, as many resources could fit multiple categories. If you're interested in computational neuroscience specifically, I've made a similar repo-list of open computational neuroscience resources here.

Contributions are VERY welcome!


Bibliography Management Software

Indexing of Publications and Search

Open Code

Analysis Tools
Cloud Computing and Containerization
Code Licensing Guides

Open Data Repositories and Services

Meta-resources for open data repositories
Specific to field

Open DIY Hardware

Organizations Conferences Communities

Specific to field


Project Management


Journals for Open Science and Open Access
Manuscript Collaboration
Manuscript Licensing


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