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Yet Another Pandoc Template - a very simple system for quick cross-format Pandoc translation
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Yet Another Pandoc Template - a very simple system for quick cross-format Pandoc translation

What is this even?

It's just a Makefile built around the amazing Pandoc document converter that transforms all Markdown (.md filetype) files in the current directory into one of several stylized document formats, customized using Pandoc's support for custom templates. This includes

  • -> stylized LaTeX Beamer presentations (via templates/custom.beamer),
  • -> stylized LaTeX manuscripts (via templates/custom.latex),
  • -> stylized double-column LaTeX manuscripts (via templates/custom-double.latex), and
  • -> stylized HTML presentations using reveal.js (via arguments to Pandoc)


  1. Install the necessary software:

    • Install Pandoc
    • Install the Pandoc extension pandoc-citeproc (todo this may not be necessary?)
    • Install LaTeX if you don't have it already. Some ways to get it include TeX Live and MiKTeX.
    • Install GNU Make if you don't have it already.
      • Linux likely already has it installed. For OS X you might have to install Xcode Command Line Tools from Apple's developer site. For Windows, installing Make as part of the Cygwin environment is probably the easiest way to get it.
    • If you want to "host"/source the Javascript for your reveal.js presentation locally, download the reveal.js library into a local folder called reveal.js.
  2. Clone a copy of this repo, e.g.

    git clone

  3. Copy the templates folder to your $HOME/.pandoc folder.

  4. Copy the Makefile file to the same folder that contains your Markdown files. Note that you will have to do this for every project you want to use these templates in...but that means you now have a consistent, easy, and reproducible way to build all your documents! You could also just use a symbolic link to where you downloaded the Makefile

  5. Now you're ready to Use the templates!


  • Once you've got the following in your folder:

    1. your Markdown files
    2. the Makefile from this repo
    3. (optional) a bibliography.bib BibTeX file
  • Then, open a terminal in the folder and type one of the following commands based on what kind of output you want:

    make beamer
    make html
    make manuscript
    make manuscript-double
    make revealjs-local # Note: requires a local "reveal.js" installation
    make revealjs-online
  • Note: Just to be clear, this builds EVERY Markdown file in the directory where the Makefile is run into a single resulting document.

BibTeX usage

  • This script automatically looks for a file called bibliography.bib, and based on its presence, decides to call BibTeX or not. However, note that if you have BibTex references in LaTeX in your Markdown file, but no corresponding bibliography.bib file, then your LaTeX compiler (through Pandoc) will give an error.


At @edeno's forceful insistence, I have included some examples of what the outputs look like in the examples folder.

Customization / styling

If you want to see where and what I've stylized, including where you can easily make your own changes, search the template files for the string "ya-pandoc-template".



This supersedes my earlier Acadoc method.

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