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Create docker images containing ixa-pipe tools
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ixa-pipes-dockerize helps creating docker images that contain the ixa-pipe toolset, or a selected subset of it. In order to create the docker images, you will need to compile each of the ixa-pipe tool you want to insert, and copy the resulting jarfiles and the appropriate models,


You need the jar files of the ixa-pipe components you want to include. Please follow the instructions at the ixa-pipes webpage for compiling the ixa-pipe tools, and also to obtain the required models.

Obviously, dockers have to be installed in your computer. Refer to docker website this document

Configuration file

All the required information is described in a configuration file (config.json), which contains information of each of the ixa-pipe tools, including the location of the jar files, models and command-line switches.

The general structure of the config file is the following:

  "lang" : "en",
  "pipes" : {
    "tok" : { ... },
    "pos" : { ... },
    "nerc" : { ... }
  "pipeline" : [
    "tok", "pos", "nerc"

lang describes the language. pipes contains one element for each of the ixa-pipe tool (see below). Finally, the pipelne field specifies the particular tools (and the order) that are to be included into the docker image.

Describing the tools

Each tool is described using three fields:

  • jar: the location of the jarfile in the host machine.
  • cli-opt': the command line option required by the tool. This field can contain the variable lang`, which will take the value of the 'lang' field in the configuration file.
  • models: a list of model files used by the tool. Each model comes with two sub-fields that describe the location of the model file, and the command line option.

For instance, the description of the ixa-pipe-nerc tool is the following:

  "pipes" : {
   "nerc" : {
     "jar" : "jar/ixa-pipe-nerc-1.6.0-exec.jar",
     "cli-opt" : "tag",
     "models" : [
         "file" : "model/en-local-conll03.bin",
         "cli-opt" : "-m"

This definition would correspond to the following command when calling the tool:

java -jar jar/ixa-pipe-nerc-1.6.0-exec.jar tag -m model/en-local-conll03.bin

Creating the docker image

Run the following command to create the Dockerfile according to the configuration file:


The script will create two files, '`, required to create the image.

Then, build the image directly, for instance,

docker build -t tok-pos-nerc .

You are now ready to run the toolchain into a docker container:

cat file.txt | docker run -i tok-pos-nerc

Contact information

Aitor Soroa
University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)
E-20018 Donostia-San Sebastián
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