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Common formats

extension description
asi Dynamic Link Library
bik BINK Video File
dll Dynamic Link Library
exe Windows Executable File
ini Text-based settings file
mp3 MP3 Audio File
rtf Rich text format
txt Text file
wav Waveform audio

First level formats

(can be founded in game folders)

extension description
cam Camera settings
grp AI graph
mob Map file (objects)
mpr Map file (archive)
mq Multiplayer quest (archive)
reg Packed INI file
res Resources file (archive)

Second level formats

(can be founded after unpacking archives)

extension description
adb Animation database
anm Animation (archive)
bon Links mesh part to bones
dat Binary data
db Database
idb Items database
ldb Levers database
fig 3d mesh
lnk Bones hierarchy
mat Material info (?)
mmp Texture file
mod 3d model (archive)
mp Map header file
pdb Perks database
qdb Quests database
sec Terrain chunk
scr Script file (?)
sdb Spells database
udb Units database
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