Demo of using keras to generate a neural network and iOS 11 to run the converted model.
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iOS 12 talk (2018)

iOS 11 + keras demo (2017)

This is a simple demo to:

a) build and train a two layer neural network using keras/tensorflow b) save the neural network model using coremltools for use with xcode c) load said model in xcode and load/use to classify two input digits

Things learned:

  1. Need to use virtualenv with coremltools to avoid threading issue with python
  2. Uses keras 1.2.2, so had to backport code to use older numpy imports
  3. Xcode beta wierdness: need to build model, move to completely different directory, then add/import (need to see the "add this file to following targets" dialogue) to ensure that Xcode will auto-generate the swift model file.