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js extensions for the open-telemetry project, from Aspecto with ❤️

The instrumentations in this repo are:

Compatible with SDK stable ^1.17.1 and SDK experimental ^0.44.0


Instrumentation Package Instrumented Lib NPM
opentelemetry-instrumentation-kafkajs kafkajs NPM version kafka-js downloads
opentelemetry-instrumentation-aws-sdk aws-sdk Deprecated in favor of @opentelemetry/instrumentation-aws-sdk
opentelemetry-instrumentation-typeorm TypeORM NPM version typeorm downloads
opentelemetry-instrumentation-sequelize Sequelize NPM version sequelize downloads
opentelemetry-instrumentation-mongoose mongoose Deprecated in favor of @opentelemetry/instrumentation-mongoose
opentelemetry-instrumentation-elasticsearch @elastic/elasticsearch NPM version elasticsearch downloads
opentelemetry-instrumentation-neo4j neo4j-driver NPM version neo4j downloads
opentelemetry-instrumentation-amqplib amqplib (RabbitMQ) Deprecated in favor of @opentelemetry/instrumentation-amqplib
opentelemetry-instrumentation-express express NPM version express downloads Deprecated in favor of @opentelemetry/
opentelemetry-instrumentation-node-cache node-cache NPM version node-cache downloads

Resource Detectors

Detector Synchronicity NPM
Service Synchronous NPM version service detector downloads
Deployment Synchronous NPM versiondeployment detector downloads
Git Synchronous NPM version git detector downloads


Propagator Description NPM
Selective Selective control on inject / extract enabled on another propagator NPM version propagator selective downloads

Compatibility Table

Instrumentations Version OpenTelemetry Core OpenTelemetry Experimental
0.35.x ^1.8.0 ^0.35.0
0.34.x ^1.8.0 ^0.34.0
0.32.x ^1.0.0 ^0.32.0
0.29.x ^1.0.0 ^0.29.0
0.28.x ^1.0.0 ^0.28.0
0.27.x ^1.0.1 ^0.27.0
0.26.x ^1.0.0 ^0.26.0
0.25.x 0.25.0 ---
0.24.x 0.24.0 ---
0.23.x 0.23.0 ---
0.22.x 0.22.0 ---
0.21.x 0.21.0 ---
0.5.x 0.20.0 ---
0.4.x 0.19.0 ---
0.3.x 0.18.0 ---
0.2.x 0.17.0 ---
0.1.x 0.16.0 ---
0.0.x 0.15.0 ---