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Sia Node 0.9.2

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Sia Host (siad) monitoring utility for use with Sia Cluster

siad must be running on the local computer where Sia Node interface is deployed.


Download binaries from GitHub located here:

Setup Sia Node

  • Download & Extract
  • Windows: run `sia-node-vX-platform/bin/setup.bat"
  • Linux & Darwin: run `sia-node-vX-platform/bin/"

You will need to specify:

  • auth - created by Sia Cluster setup
  • address/ip - of Sia Cluster server (default is
  • path - to Sia data folder (containing host, consensus etc.); If running Sia-UI, setup script will attempt to locate this folder automatically in your APPDATA. If running siad, this should be the folder where siad resides.

You can hit ENTER to get defaults that can later be changed in config/sia-node.local.conf

Once complete, you can start Sia Node:

  • Windows: bin/sia-node.bat or bin/sia-node-service.bat / Linux & Darwin: bin/ or bin/

Custom Configuration

You need to configure following settings in your config/sia-node.local.conf:

	// instance identifier - if not set, defaults to hostname
	identifier : "<instance-name>",

	// rpc server IP and auth string that 
	// matches your Sia Cluster deployment
	rpc : {
		address : "<sia-cluster-ip>:<port>",
		auth : "<unique-auth-hex-string>"

Deploying on Ubuntu

Full installation script:

cd ~
tar xf node-v6.2.2-linux-x64.tar.xz
ln -s node-v6.2.2-linux-x64 node
echo -e "\n\nPATH=\"\$HOME/node/bin:\$PATH\"\n\n" >> ~/.profile
source ~/.profile
git clone
cd sia-node
npm install
node sia-node

Deploying on Windows

For windows, download and install:

Run the following from command line:

git clone
cd sia-node
npm install
node sia-node
  • Add a shortcut to sia-node.bat to Startup folder to launch at startup
    • Press Win+R keys together
    • type: shell:Startup
    • Add shortcut to sia-node.bat (you can drag it with right mouse button key into Startup folder and then select "Create Shortcut")
    • To startup minimized, right click on the shortcut, select "Properties" menu and select "Run: Minimized".
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