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NodeJS + NowJS + KnockoutJS + a little magic = Live UI
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KnockoutLive v0.3.1

KnockoutLive allows you to sync a KnockoutJS viewModel with other Clients in realtime.


  • v0.3.1

    • Simpler server setup, library almost ready to be integrated into existing servers
    • Much better request routing (previously set listeners will run on the http server response)
  • v0.3

    • KnockoutLive now renders the necessary javascript from the Node server, comes packaged with the latest jQuery, jQuery Templates and KnockoutJS, file is cached after first load
    • Library is one step closer before I release it as an npm install, until then knockoutserver.js uses node-knockoutlive.js as the NPM library


** KnockoutLive comes compiled with jQuery, jQuery Template, and KnockoutJS **

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