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- updated readme file; no more plans for vscript

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@@ -147,20 +147,3 @@ packaging
rather a branch that maintains distutils2 (or in python 3.3
"packaging") scripts. The result is far less clumbsy than distribute,
and so I'm hoping to replace that entirely once it becomes stable.
- This branch is where vicescript development happens. While it will
- always be possible to define plugins in pure python, I wanted to see if
- it were possible to write a DSL for ViCE that made it easier to both
- read and write plugins. I felt it neccessary to write a DSL for the
- following reasons:
- * JSON was riddled with too many quotation marks and brackets. Also,
- with only minor changes in syntax, it doesn't look much different
- than a python dictionary
- * YAML's specification is huge, and to my knowledge, there is only one
- python library that can be used to validate it.
- * XML's syntax is far too cumbersome. Anyone that knows me also knows
- of my general distaste for XML.
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