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Recognise time-stamped kernel messages


Sep 25 12:51:04 myhost kernel: [773580.832329] sshd[25557]: Invalid user pgsql from

This fixes the sshd filter on Fedora 15, and probably other filters on
other newish distros too.
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commit bdbb36434647a7c34b084ff7bf4f8ab31f846d3e 1 parent f515714
Adam Spiers authored
Showing with 7 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +7 −1 config/filter.d/common.conf
8 config/filter.d/common.conf
@@ -32,10 +32,16 @@ __daemon_re = [\[\(]?%(_daemon)s(?:\(\S+\))?[\]\)]?:?
# EXAMPLES: sshd[31607], pop(pam_unix)[4920]
__daemon_combs_re = (?:%(__pid_re)s?:\s+%(__daemon_re)s|%(__daemon_re)s%(__pid_re)s?:)
+# Some messages have a kernel prefix with a timestamp
+# EXAMPLES: kernel: [769570.846956]
+__kernel_prefix = kernel: \[\d+\.\d+\]
+__hostname = \S+
# Common line prefixes (beginnings) which could be used in filters
# [hostname] [vserver tag] daemon_id spaces
# this can be optional (for instance if we match named native log files)
-__prefix_line = \s*(?:\S+ )?(?:@vserver_\S+ )?%(__daemon_combs_re)s?\s*
+__prefix_line = \s*(?:%(__hostname)s )?(?:%(__kernel_prefix)s )?(?:@vserver_\S+ )?%(__daemon_combs_re)s?\s*
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