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Stow was written by Bob Glickstein <>, Zanshin
Software, Inc.
Contributions from Gord Matzigkeit <>.
John Bazik wrote `fastcwd', the Perl subroutine for computing the
current working directory.
Charles Briscoe-Smith <> wrote the fix to prevent
stow -D / stow -R removing initially-empty directories.
Adam Lackorzynski <> wrote the fix to prevente
the generation of wrong links if there are links in the stow directory.
Stow was maintained by Guillaume Morin <> up to November 2007.
Kahlil (Kal) Hodgson <> performed a major rewrite
in order to implement:
1. defered operations,
2. option parsing via Getopt::Long,
3. options to support shared files,
4. support for multiple operations per invocation,
5. default command line arguments via '.stowrc' and '~/.stowrc' files,
6. better cooperation between multiple stow directories,
7. a test suite (and support code) to ensure that everything still works.
As these changes required a dramatic reorganisation of the code, very little
was left untouched, and so Stow's major version was bumped up to version 2.
Austin Wood <> and Chris Hoobin
<> helped clean up the documentation for
version 2 and created the texi2man script.
Adam Spiers <> refactored the backend code into new and Stow/ modules providing an OO interface, tightened
up the test suite, added support for ignore lists, `make test', and
distribution via CPAN, and cleaned up numerous other minor issues.
Stow is currently co-maintained by Adam Spiers and Troy Mill.
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