A super easy to use build script, for setting up a Wordpress optimized server.
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About LEMPress

A WordPress server environment shouldn't be slow or complicated to set up. LEMPress addresses those problems. LEMPress is a super easy to use setup script for creating an optimized WordPress server. LEMPress packs a full LEMP stack (Linux/Nginx/MySQL/PHP) with Varnish and Memcache for caching. With these tools, your site will be prepared for heavy traffic right from the start.


LEMPress gets the server ready to make Wordpress fast, but one step that hasn't been automated yet, is configuring a caching plugin. Because WordPress is dynamic, a content aware caching plugin is ideal. LEMPress has been tested with WP Total Cache, but other plugins may work. There are lots of articles about how to get WP Total Cache installed and configured. In the future, we'll add some supporting documentation for WP Total Cache.

Blog Comments

Because LEMPress is taking advantage of caching via Varnish, it will break Wordpress comments. The solution is to use Disqus. It's free, it's good, use it.


LEMPress expects and has only been tested with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64

How to Use:

Create the "deployer" user. Make sure to record you deployer password. You'll need it to install plugins and upgrade WordPress

    sudo useradd -d /home/deployer -s /bin/bash -G sudo -m deployer
    sudo passwd deployer
    su deployer
    cd ~

Download and run the script.

    yes | sudo apt-get install git-core
    git clone git://github.com/okor/LEMPress.git
    cd LEMPress
    bash build.sh

The build.sh script will guide you though the WordPress and LEMPress stack install. Once you've set up a WordPress caching plugin (WP Total Cache is recommended), you'll have a highly optimized WordPress site ready for viral loads.

Need some help?

Just hit up @okor on Twitter or submit an issue.