MVC now serializes JSON with camel case names by default #194

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In previous milestones, MVC's JSON serialization used Json.NET's default naming convention. This maintained C# property names in the JSON.

In 1.0.0, MVC uses camel case names by default. This matches most JSON naming conventions.

Potential compatibility breaks

Applications which depend on the exact bytes sent over the wire or that include code such as

dynamic d = JObject.Parse(body);

may need to be adjusted.

To restore previous naming strategy

If you have case-sensitive clients that cannot be easily updated, change your Startup from



        .AddJsonOptions(options => options.SerializerSettings.ContractResolver = new DefaultContractResolver());
public class Person
    public int Id { get; set; }

    public string FullName { get; set; }

Would serialize to

{"Id":9000,"FullName":"John Smith"}

The same model will serialize to

{"id":9000,"fullName":"John Smith"}

Note the initial lowercase letters.

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Please see aspnet/Mvc#4842 for discussion of this change.

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dougbu commented Jun 9, 2016

See also the original issue we fixed in 1.0.0: aspnet/Mvc#4283

dougbu commented Jun 10, 2016

Updated description to show the configuration one-liner.

@dougbu dougbu referenced this issue in aspnet/Mvc Jul 17, 2016
@dougbu dougbu Remove extra options to manipulate `JsonSerializerSettings`
- #4339: remove non-recommended JSON formatter constructors
 - affects `JsonInputFormatter`, `JsonOutputFormatter`, `JsonPatchInputFormatter`
 - `JsonOutputFormatter` cleanup also impacts `JsonHelper`
 - rename and make `SerializerSettingsProvider` class public; use it as appropriate
- #4409: make `SerializerSetings` properties get-only and `protected`
 - affects `JsonInputFormatter`, `JsonOutputFormatter`

Recommended patterns:
- change `JsonSerializerSettings` values in `MvcJsonOptions` for almost all customizations
- find `JsonOutputFormatter` in `MvcOptions.OutputFormatters` when limiting per-result formatters
- start with `JsonSerializerSettingsProvider.CreateSerializerSettings()` when customizing a per-result formatter
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