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Blazor WebAssembly Sample App

This sample illustrates the use of Blazor scenarios described in the Blazor documentation.

Call web API example

The web API example requires a running web API based on the sample app for the Tutorial: Create a web API with ASP.NET Core MVC topic. The sample app makes requests to the web API at https://localhost:10000/api/todo. If a different web API address is used, update the ServiceEndpoint constant value in the Razor component's @functions block.

The sample app makes a cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) request from http://localhost:5000 or https://localhost:5001 to the web API. Credentials (authorization cookies/headers) are permitted. Add the following CORS middleware configuration to the web API's Startup.Configure method before it calls UseMvc:

app.UseCors(policy => 
    policy.WithOrigins("http://localhost:5000", "https://localhost:5001")
    .WithHeaders(HeaderNames.ContentType, HeaderNames.Authorization)

Adjust the domains and ports of WithOrigins as needed for the Blazor app.

The web API is configured for CORS to permit authorization cookies/headers and requests from client code, but the web API as created by the tutorial doesn't actually authorize requests. See the ASP.NET Core Security and Identity articles for implementation guidance.

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